Academıc Advısors


Prof. Zeynep KIZILTEPE

Boğaziçi University Education Faculty Educational Science Department

Prof. Zeynep Kızıltepe graduated from Robert College, she completed her undergraduate and graduate education in Boğazici University. She worked as a manager in different educational institutions for several years.  She finished her PHD education in University of Exeter. She is still an academic member of Boğaziçi University and she has several published scientific articles and a published book “Teaching - A Contemporary Perspective to Educational Psychology”

Prof. Belma HAZNEDAR

Boğaziçi University Education Faculty Primary Education Department

Prof. Belma Haznedar has obtained her Master's and Ph.D at Durham University, England from the Linguistics Department on the topic of Bilingualism and Acquisition of Second Language in Early Childhood. Prof. Haznedar is a member of Boğaziçi University's Education Department and the department head of the Foreign Languages Education Department. Prof. Haznedar's research focuses on native language acquisition, simultaneous and successive bilingualism, language education in early childhood and literacy in childhood. In addition to Prof. Haznedar's highly cited papers, she has written two books on secondary language acquistion in children called;Current Trends in Child Second Language Acquistion: A Generative Perspective, and Handbook for Teaching Foreign Language to Young Learners in Primary School. Additionally, she has served as project coordinator and member in both international and national projects on early bilingualism, speech impediments in children and language education to children, as well as serving as a referee and board member for highly-ranked international peer-reviewed journals.


Asist. Prof. Engin ADER

Boğaziçi University Education Faculty Primary Education Department

Engin Ader completed his undergraduate education in engineering and graduate education in mathematics at Boğaziçi University and attended a Ph.D program in Nottingham University. He has been working for Boğaziçi University since 2009. His specialization areas are teacher training, problem solving and developing children’s thinking skills. He has several international and national publications and wrote some book chapters.

Dr. Nevin DÖLEK

Boğaziçi University Education Faculty Guidance and Psychological Counseling  Department

Nevin Dölek graduated from the Psychology Department of Boğaziçi University and finished Guidance and Psychological Counseling graduate program in the same university. Nevin Dölek’s Ph.D thesis was based on “Bullying Among Children” at Educational Science department in Marmara University. After working as school psychologist for several years, she founded and worked as a manager of Bakış Education and Counseling Center.  However, she continued lecturing in different universities as a part time lecturer. Nevin Dölek is also specialized in family and couple counseling. She was the congress coordinator in International School Psychologists Association. Her several articles about child psychology, child development and adolescence were published in international magazines. Nevin Dölek has been awarded in 2000 by American School Psychologist Association and in 2006 by International School Psychologists Association.