2019-2020 Academic Year Parent Contribution Margin


-Except for VAT, all discounts are applied after the fixed expenses, which is 6.600 TL, are deducted.

-To be eligible for discounts, it is mandatory to bring all required documents from the needed institutions during registration. Otherwise, discounts are not applied.

-During the same academic year a 10 % discount is given to the younger sibling.

-Bogazici University Alumni parents have a 15 % discount on the condition they have paid the 2019 membership fees.

-20 % discounts are given if the parent who is a full-time Bogazici University instructor.

-10 % is given to all full-time university instructors who are not at Bogazici University and teacher’ s children.


Pre-registration fee is 6.600 TL. School registration is completed once “The Student Registration Form” is completed.