Started first with preschool and then primary school, BÜMED MEÇ Schools continue their educational journey with middle school growing up with their own students. Our target middle school education is to create a "school culture" where our students are always fully equipped academically, socially, physically, and emotionally, and always pursue the knowledge-based reality.

In addition to gaining 21st century skills, we attach importance for our students to internalize the universal values, and be happy, healthy individuals with high satisfaction of life.

While planning the educational insight of BÜMED MEÇ middle school, we receive support from the long-established culture and scientific point of view of the Boğaziçi University, just as we did for our preschool and primary school.

BÜMED MEÇ Schools always give priority to a point of view that is scientifically supported, researched, and approved by scientists.  Our school establishes its curriculum and methodology through the decisions of the "Education Commission" with the contribution of Boğaziçi University's valuable teachers.

By being aware that middle school is a very special period between the primary and high school period, we aim improving the skills and competencies of our students and to prepare them for life. As BÜMED MEÇ educators, we always give priority to the students, and we will continue to teach our students, to learn from them, and to respect their individuality by being aware of their uniqueness.

The vision, mission and values we have adopted for the preschool and primary school will continue for our middle school students.  It is our primary goal to establish a deep-rooted school culture and ensure that our students assimilate/adopt the MEC culture.

At the 8th grade, our students have the knowledge and experience sufficient enough for effective results at the central examinations as individuals who are able to question and analyze the world they live in according to the disciplines, developed perception and reasoning skills as a whole, developed an intellectual point of view, and correctly express themselves in writing and orally in Turkish and English. The infrastructures required for being prepared to any kind of exam in life will be created from the moment they have reached the academic maturity.


MEÇ Middle School takes English with "English as a Common Language" insight. The aim of our foreign language program, which starts in preschool and is effectively applied in primary school, is to educate students who are able to actively use the learned foreign language in reading, writing and speaking, learning the language literally as well as by living it together with its cultural components, and proceeding with firms steps towards world citizenship. Our aim is to ensure that our students, at the end of middle school, reach the level of Independent User (B1-B2) specified in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages text. Our education program is supported by modern teaching methods, differentiated education models that take individual differences into account, internationally recognized assessment exams, and teachers and classroom environments which will arouse the students' attention and make them love the foreign language they are learning.

The second foreign language in our school will be FRENCH. At our school, which aims raising world citizens, the second foreign language will be provided through a special program that gives our students an international perspective and combines language and culture.


Our new campus will feature a sports field, conference room, technology and design classroom, information technologies classroom, visual arts classroom, science lab, music room, library, dining hall and classrooms.


Psychological Counseling and Counseling Service Unit provides preventive, supportive and solution oriented consultancy services based on developmental and individual characteristics under the mission and vision of BÜMED MEÇ Schools. Counseling for all age groups is available at the center of our school.

Psychological Counseling and Counseling Service Unit aims providing professional support for raising our students as healthy individuals who;

  • are aware of themselves,
  • have sense of responsibility and act accordingly,
  • are at peace and compliant with themselves and with their surroundings,
  • are able to think solution oriented, not problem oriented,
  • are able to easily and effectively express their feelings and thoughts,
  • are open for discovering, learning, and experiencing,
  • are aware of their interests and talents,
  • are enjoying life.

In line with these aims, academic skills, personal and developmental characteristics of our students are regularly monitored at the Psychological Counseling and Counseling Service Unit. Our students are supported in the required development areas. Individual works and group works are carried out for improving their social skills.

Information and guidance on the matters that are required for and needed by our students is provided. Individual psychological counseling service is provided to our students for preparing them to the educational level they will study in the future and setting their targets.

In addition to counseling service, CTS (Consultant Teacher System) will also be available in our school. Consultant teachers will personally take care of all needs (academic, social etc.) of the designated students. Routine meetings with the consultant teachers will also be shared with parents as a part of the daily schedule.