Heather Reed

James Reed – Primary School 1st Grade

When we were researching primary schools for our son, a friend of ours, a BU alumni, suggested we visit MEÇ. Because it was a relatively new school at the time, we hadn’t heard of it previously.

After visiting many schools in the area, and not yet feeling like we had found the right fit, we were happy to feel immediately at home when we visited MEÇ. The smaller and more intimate setting, the progressive educational philosophy, nurturing and friendly environment, and the chance for our son to learn Turkish while also continuing his English were all appealing to us. We have been very impressed with the art, music, drama, chess, and sports activities as well.

Because it is a local school, it has the stability that some of the international schools lack. The community is diverse and welcoming. When I visited it seemed more “home-like” than some of the larger-scale schools we visited. The curriculum design is progressive and similar to what I would seek out for my son if I were in my home country. The environment is child-centered and nurturing, while also encouraging academic rigor.

James has thrived this year. He has been more happy, healthy and confident than in prior years. I think he enjoys the academic challenges, as well as the friendly, caring environment where everyone knows each other.  He has been lucky to have a very experienced teacher who has been able to not only keep the class on track academically, but also encourage a feeling of belonging and mutual responsibility among the students. And of course learning Turkish has opened up many opportunities for him that would have been impossible otherwise.

The bottom line for us has been that our son has been happy and is learning. Each day he looks forward to his day at school. In the end, his joy in going to school, his excitement about what he’s learning, and seeing him gain in confidence, skills, and knowledge is the best testament to the education at MEÇ.