BÜMED MEÇ Schools aims to raise individuals who have core basic information and skills, communicate effectively with others and think critically and individually in the direction of general purposes and principles of Ministry of Education. Our instructional program is supported with the program development activities in the school. Different teaching methods are being used to raise individuals who have different characteristics. We provide our students democratic and contemporary environment in the light of science, compassion and tolerance, which is the basis of our education philosophy. Students gain individual and group work skills and improve their skills with the provided school club opportunities.

Our English program is structured and applied by native speakers. In English classes, we aim to help children to gain skills to communicate in another language except Turkish and motivate our students to love English.  Moreover, educational programs and researches helping students to adapt contemporary world and using English effectively are being carried on.

“Cambridge Primary” publication is selected as the most appropriate and close resource for the program that we have designed.

We have a soft transition term from preschool education to primary education in order to develop English reading and writing skills of students, which is the basic aim of English education. The Primary school curriculum, which is constructed using the foundation of the preschool curriculum, provide continuousness and constant improvement during the primary education years. Students learn English through “Global English”, “Science and Mathematics” classes. Classes are subject oriented and integrated with grammar. Listening and speaking are also emphasized and students are trained to listen carefully and expressing themselves clearly. It pays attention to learning pleasantly and meaningfully via the program, which is being constituted by different teaching methods. Our teaching philosophy aims to encourage students to develop their reasoning skills and intellectual ability. Besides enabling students to communicate effectively and understand the written and visual media, our curriculum enables students to enhance their interpretation skills.

We start to provide second foreign language education in 5th grade in order to raise individuals acting appropriately with century’s conditions and enhance their mental abilities and communication skills.


MEÇ Primary School’s English program provides an integrity and continuity together with the preschool program. Our main objectives with regard to the Primary School English program prepared in a student-centered manner are:

Educating students, who

  • learn English by loving it;
  • are self-confident when using English in writing and verbally as well as students who,
  • speak English;
  • have a reading and listening comprehension;
  • have written expression skills

at the CEF-A1 and A2 levels within the framework of the European Standards and who recognize as well as understand different cultures and lifestyles and who have gained skills of comparing different cultures with their own cultural features.

At our school, English education is prepared and applied by native speaker teachers of English or teachers having a command of the English language close to that of native speakers. As it is intended to give our students communication skills in a language other than Turkish by virtue of English lessons, an academic program has been adopted focusing on communicative methodology as well as topic and narration.

English lessons comprise of 12 course hours per week for primary school classes. Details relating to such lessons are available in the weekly course plan. Our Primary School English Program, as prepared by us, has been designed to develop the English language skills of our students and to enrich their vocabulary set that starts to take shape during the first years and thus, to ensure that they become able to express themselves with a fluent language. The “Cambridge Primary” publications of primary school level have been chosen as a source being most compatible with the Primary School English Program for the 2016-2017 Academic Year.  In addition to this, special attention is paid to the systematic use of narration in the Primary English Program as of the 2016-2017 Academic Year in order to enrich English education and to create meaningful learning environments. In this way, it is aimed at the internalization and effective use of the features of the language learned. In this context, selections consisting of Oxford University Press publications have been made and accordingly, it is planned that each student should read almost 20 narrative books at primary school level and within the scope of in-class practices. No doubt, diversity will be procured with regard to the number and topics of narrations available to our students in result of borrowing and returning books regularly by virtue of the provision of library services.

At our school, importance is attached to learning rendered cheerful and meaningful by means of a program resulting from experiences based on various teaching methods used. Our learning approach is an attitude aiming at developing our students’ reasoning skills and encouraging an intellectual comprehension as well as directing them to research. Our curriculum also enables our students to communicate self-confidently and to develop their skills of interpreting texts encountered in a relishing way, namely by going beyond the mere comprehension of printed and visual media as well as various texts.