The Guidance and psychological counselling program is grounded on recognizing students, following them individually and sharing information by depending on their individual developmental characteristics.   

Within this framework, group and individual activities and observations are being carried out. Students’ development and academic achievement is followed by scales, inventories and portfolios, so each child’s developmental process is evaluated itself. Supportive and directive educational perspectives are demonstrated by sending the results of these evaluations to parents regularly.

The Counseling unit provides help if a problem has been detected in different age groups’ social, emotional, and cognitive development after individual and group activities. Moreover, screening tests are regularly being done and if any problem is detected in terms of school readiness, parents are informed and some extra curriculum home activities are supplied.

Beside the information transfer to parents, individual and group counselling sessions, parent education seminars, and information sharing meetings are held. These education seminars consist of several subjects in which parents need to be directed (Mother-father attitude, Fears particular to childhood, Self-esteem development). Also information sharing continues with regularly published bulletins.

Our psychological counselling and guidance unit serves for three main groups, which are students, teachers, and parents. The psychological counsellor observes students, apply for different tests and inventories to make students better and detect their needs. Psychological counsellors do individual and group work according to their annual plans that are prepared with regards to the students’ development and learning level.