Together with Melis Sünbül @biranneolarakben, one of our parents from Jupiter Class, the students carried out their third social responsibility project. The students examined a basket of lemons and discussed their similarities. After that, each student chose a lemon for himself or herself and then put it in the basket again. In the second phase, their task was a bit more challenging. Were they going to be able to find the lemon they had chosen before?

Although they found it hard to find the right lemon at first, each student managed to spot his or her own lemon eventually. While they were using the accessories Melis Sünbül brought, the students also discussed how one person can look different from another person and how we might seem different from each other in various ways. The students had so much fun doing it that they presented their fashion show around the school as well. In the end, they wrote a story based on differences.

We truly appreciate Melis Sünbül @biranneolarakben for her wholehearted support for the project for the people who have spinal cord paralysis, and the skills she taught the students.

Bumed Mec Moda Started Working For The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association Of Turkey

We have started working for our community work project together with one of our parents from Moda MEC Jupiter Class, Melis Sünbül @biranneolarakben.

Firstly, Melis Sünbül has informed us about “Bottle Caps Gathering Campaign” designed for The Spinal Cord Paralytics Association of Turkey. She will soon carry out workshops based on “Differences” for the students as well.

The students will have participated in a precious aid campaign by gathering bottle caps and by working on their activities on awareness.

We really appreciate our parent, Melis Sünbül @biranneolarakben, for her considerable support.

“I read, so should you!” Book Campign

To foster the relationship between books and our students in our schools, there is a special week called “book week” which we plan every year. During this week, we do activities on the importance of books and writing and publishing them. We invite children’s books authors and have discussions. During these weeks we, as the preschool, did a book campaign called “I read, so should you!”


Hobbit House Aid Campaign

Levent campus Parent-Teacher Association organised “Hobbit House Aid Cmpaign”. We collected dresses, shoes, books etc. for children whom are in need and get those materials to Balat Hobbit House.


Manisa-Gölmarmara Ozanca Village Middle School Library

MEÇ supported Boğaziçi University Education and Research Club’s Project by sending books to Manisa-Gölmarmara Ozanca Village Middle School Library.


Aid Campaign for Erzurum Hınıs Ortaköy Primary School

As BUMED MEC Schools, we realized an aid campaign in which we aimed to enable our students to be individuals who are “Participative, Sensitive, Empathy Developer, Responsibility Undertaker, and Solution Creater“ and where they can implement the values of MEC through experiencing them. Since the winter season came, we shared our wearable boots, clothes, scarf, caps, socks, as well as books, school tools and equipments with Erzurum Hınıs Ortaköy Primary School experiencing this season under heavy conditions and having 3 classes, 2 teacher and 34 students.

We would like to submit our appreciation to everyone who contributed in this aid campaign.